Stand up next to a mountain

Porter is one of the rare beer styles that has a known birthday. These dark, deeply flavorful beers were traditionally popular for quenching the thirsts of the laborers in London from which the style gets its name. Our American session porter has all the dark depths of flavor of its stronger American cousins, but at a significantly more approachable alcohol level. So you can port all day with nary a worry about getting the job done. 4.0% ABV

This beer is a backhanded tribute to our founder and head brewer, known affectionately by his brewing friends and colleagues as “The Mountain”. When a production staff member leaves a brewery, it is often a tradition to nail that individual’s gloves to the wall with a message marking his or her passing. The label pays homage to this tradition with a photo of the first time our brewer moved to greener pastures. (Photo courtesy of Eddie Letsche, the “Little Mountain”) – 4.8% abv

Grain: American 2-row malt, Malted Oats, UK Dark Crystal, American Dark Chocolate malt, UK Pale Chocolate malt, Coffee malt

Hops: Centennial, East Kent Golding

Yeast: House Northern English Ale

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