Unsanctioned Cellars

New Barrel Day with our Founder, Brewer and Barrel-Master

Unsanctioned Cellars is the name we’ve chosen to represent the wild-side of Assiduous Brewing. The complex lore of beer fermented spontaneously or with introduced “wild” yeast and bacteria has a history all its own. Introducing these amazing, but unpredictable, cultures into the clean environment of a modern stylized brewery is also terrifying to many brewers. So what does one do when everyone says “don’t!”? Go forth without permission and later beg forgiveness! This is how Unsanctioned was born.

This temple of rebellion is where we create Old-World style sour beer. This requires patience, diligence and faith. These delicate fermentations will be released only in small batches when they’re ready and will often be accompanied by special events and unique collaborations with local artists and other makers of exceptional craft.

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