Curl of the whirl

Curl of the Whirl is a tribute to the nature of the New England IPA. We love brewing all styles of beer with caveat that we make every effort to make the best of every one we brew. We like NEIPAs we can drink, not just ones that are so sweet and mouth-filling that one can has to be shared between several people just to get through it. We’ve dried this beer out to give it a thirst-quenching finish that when paired with an extremely low bitterness still gives the impression of the softness that is so necessary in the perception of these ales. Don’t worry, we’ve also loaded the whirlpool and dry-hop with a mastadonian level of experimental hops with huge tropical and citrus fruit characters. Like the song goes, “that’s just the way of the world”. 7.2% abv

Grains: American Pale and Pilsner malts

Hops: HBC 692, HBC 586

Yeast: Ebbegarden Kveik

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