Our primary goal here at Assiduous Brewing Company is to return beer to its rightful place as the daily staple it was meant to be.

We are “beer people”. We’ve been fascinated by the history, influence, science and creativity of this wonderful beverage since it first kissed our eager lips.

We feel that beer culture has lost its way in the northeastern US. What was once a satisfying and valued staple of daily life has become a victim of social hype, pretentiousness and elitism.

Modifying that culture here is going to be a steep uphill battle, but we have nothing if not faith that it’s possible. With meticulously crafted beers using both modern and traditional ingredients and methods, we hope to re-create a foundation of value for those who enjoy the craft as much as we do.

Supporting this vision is Andrew “The Mountain” Starsiak, our founder and brewer with over 20 years of combined amateur and professional brewing experience exploring, creating, tweaking and enjoying beer of quality and depth. He is currently the Head Brewer at Shovel Town Brewery in North Easton, MA following a former posting performing new recipe creation, process control, management of the the internationally award-winning barrel program and collecting some serious lager hardware as the Lead Brewer at Castle Island Brewing Company (CIBC) in Norwood, MA. Andrew has also participated in the creation of beers from breweries such as Evil Twin, Omnipollo, Decadent, Backlash, Medford Brewing, Wandering Soul, Loophole and many others in his tenure at both Dorchester Brewing Company in Boston, MA and CIBC. He believes that beer has a soul and those who help create the experience of a well-crafted offering are all part and parcel of that manifestation.

When you contact us remotely or visit us in person at Assiduous Brewing Company we want you to feel comfortable asking questions, relaying comments honestly and forthrightly. The deeper the question the more interesting the discussion. On the other hand, we all started somewhere with our enjoyment of beer, so no question is too small. When experience and knowledge is shared, everyone can benefit. Beer is not supposed to be intimidating, so come on in, ask a question, lift a glass and let the soul of the liquid flow through you.

As of June 2022 we’re working to solidify our location and nail down our licensing. In the meantime, please follow Assiduous Brewing Company on your favorite social media channels for updates on our progress and R n D developments. Hope to meet you all across the bar soon.

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